Effects of Sandy: Cable/Internet Providers Assure the Power Will Go Out

As the entire universe prepares for the 21st Century’s version of the Perfect Storm, Verizon went ahead and sent an eloquently worded email to its FiOS customers on Saturday basically telling us that we were screwed and should expect to not have TV or internet for days.

So as I write this in the wee-early hours Sunday, the day of reckoning, please know that this could be my last bit of communication for some time.

To me it (the email) just sounded like a lot of preemptive ass-covering on the part of a mega cable-phone-internet provider who knows that they’re going to be dealing with unhappy customers for the better part of the next week — if this storm lives up to all of the hype the media is giving it. And while I appreciate Verizon’s “warning,” they should know that it’s done nothing to prevent me from attempting to call several hundred times after powers been restored and FiOS continues to be broken. (I’ve basically accepted the fact that the power is going to go out, it does so when we have a light misting, so just the idea that a hurricane is near will likely frighten our electricity into shutting itself off Sunday afternoon prior to Sandy’s arrival.)

And speaking of power and the companies that “control” it… I’m looking forward to seeing how fantastically fast the response is with Dominion, PEPCO, and BGE. Based on recent history, I have extremely low expectations and am fully prepared to be without power for at least a week.

Good thing I’ve gotten hooked on Revolution and have learned a thing or two about life without power.

Anyway, Verizon’s full email is after the jump. And best of luck to everyone who is in Frankenstorm’s path!

In other Hurricane Sandy related news, here’s what will be going through my head as she approaches, runs over, and then leaves us behind as if it wasn’t no thang.


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