Other Sandy’s of Note

Lookout. I’m on a tear. This insomnia thing is not treating me well tonight, but it’s helping me to crank out some content that I hope you all are enjoying.

My last post about cable companies guaranteeing us that the power is going to go out because of this hurricane named Sandy got me thinking about all the other Sandy’s out there. Well first, of course, there’s my aunt, Aunt Sandy — an exceptional dentist in the suburbs of Philly — and (being a Grease-ball… loaded statement there) Sandy Olsson, the fictional heart throb from the movie Grease.

So who else is out there? Well, me and my insomnia are here to help answer that.

(HT Wikipedia for the info and photos that follow)

Males (more than I ever woulda thunk):

  • Sandy Alomar Sr, and Jr., American father and son baseball players
  • Sandy Brown, musician, Scottish jazz
  • Sandy Calder, American sculptor
  • Sandy Collins, Canadian politician
  • Sandy Gall, British broadcaster
  • Sandy Koufax, Hall of Fame, American Baseball pitcher. One of the all-time greats of the game.
  • Sandy Lyle, British golder
  • Sandy Patch, general in US Army during World War II
  • Sandy Powell, comedian
  • Sandy Rothman, American bluegrass musician and producer


  • Sandy Dennis, American actress
  • Sandy Denny, British singer and songwriter
  • Sandy Descher, American actress
  • Sandy Leah Lima, Brazilian singer-songwriter and actress
  • Sandy Powell, costume designer
  • Sandy Shaw, American health writer
  • Sandy West, American musician, drummer in the band The Runaways


  • Sandy Brown, main character of Noozles, a Japanese cartoon
  • Sandy Cheeks, the sea-dwelling squirrel in SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Sandy Cohen, character in the TV series The OC
  • Sandy Hawkins, comic here of DC Comics
  • Sandy Olsson, character from Grease
  • Sandy of “Julian and Sandy,” in a British radio comedy Round the Horne
  • Sandy, Little Orphan Annie’s dog

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