How Will Hurricane Sandy Affect Upcoming Sporting Events?

Sport happening over the course of the next several days are going to have to deal with the effects of “Frankenstorm.”

Below is a nice roundup from

It seems like most will go unscathed, but we shall see. Fingers crossed we get through Sunday with no problem.

Sidenote: I can’t help but laugh at the jab taken at the NHL in the last section of this article. Absolutely perfect.

Sunday’s major sports events will not feel the brunt of Hurricane Sandy, whose landfall is expected early Tuesday near Delaware. The storm’s biggest impact will come in the days that follow, once it mergers with other weather systems to become what pundits are dubbing Frankenstorm.

Halloween in the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states will not be a treat.

And before that, a cold front working in from the West could make things nasty in the Ohio Valley, with rain adding to the misery.

Trouble will not stop once Sandy hits land. Everything a hurricane brings  rain, wind, storm surge, power failures  and the cold-weather troubles from the combination of front will continue to plague the mid-Atlantic and New England states for days to follow.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead in sports in the coming days:


Sunday’s race at Martinsville, Va., should go off without a hitch. Sporting News’ Jeff Owens, on the scene, reports the forecast showing a 20 percent chance of rain with a high temperature of 61. Sandy will be far enough east that it won’t affect the race track.


Rather than risk travel during Sandy’s approach, the former commissioner Paul Tagliabue has postponed a hearing scheduled for Tuesday on player suspensions in the New Orleans Saints bounty case.

There are several Sunday games on the East coast that could feel the early effects of the storms. The Miami Dolphins visit the New York Jets, the Atlanta Falcons are at the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins visit the Pittsburgh Steelers, with all kickoffs scheduled for 1 p.m. ET.


Sandy will hit land on Tuesday, which is opening day for the 2012-13 season. That’s bad news for the Philadelphia 76ers, who are scheduled to face the Denver Nuggets at home at 7 p.m. ET Wednesday. However, Tuesday’s schedule steers clear of the storm.

The Brooklyn Nets are scheduled to make their debut at Barclays Center against the New York Knicks on Thursday. Both games could be in for big problems if the hurricane disrupts mass transit. New York officials are prepared to shut down subways if necessary.

The Nets also faced problems before the game. Injured star guard Deron Williams is getting treatment on a bum left ankle that could be affected by his ability to reach team facilities.

Teams also might have problems reaching their practice facilities.


There’s good news about the lockout: No games are scheduled, so Sandy won’t have any impact on the ice. If Gary Bettman and his cohorts want to talk to Donald Fehr and the NHLPA, they can skedaddle off to the league’s Toronto office before the storm hits New York.


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