What If the Call to #FireAndy Went Unanswered?

One thing I’ve learned over the past year and a half is to be surprised by absolutely nothing when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles. Once the decision was made to hire an offensive line coach as the defensive coordinator, it was all downhill from there.

So why should I be surprised by the following statement?: “It’s completely possible that Andy Reid could be back as the Eagles’ head coach in 2014.”

That’s the premise of John Smallwood’s article on Philly.com today–and as much as even the thought of it makes me want to punch a baby in the face, it would come as no surprise to me if Big Red was waddling up and down the sidelines next season. Could you imagine how the fan base would react to this?

My guess is it would look something like this (fast forward to about 2:50):

Jeffrey Lurie would be so lucky as to only get out of the city missing but an arm; while the padding on Reid would help to feed a small village.

Part of Smallwood’s reasoning:

[Reid] was 180 degrees different from the walking zombie who held the same day-after-game media conference last week after a loss to the Carolina Panthers. This Reid seemed like he might know something that the rest of us did not, and considering his close relationship with Lurie, he probably does.

And Lurie’s complete and total silence on the matter might only support the idea. His going into hiding is cause for so much concern as a fan. It’s almost as if he knows what the reaction is going to be like in Philly, and he’s simply trying to avoid it altogether.

Well, he’ll have to step infront of a podium sooner or later, and if there’s even an atom-sized amount of truth to this the medials will be sure to pass the fans message along.

Smallwood goes on:

Reid cut a high-priced defensive end, fired the defensive line coach he called a guru when he hired him, and then announced the rookie quarterback will start the final four games to see how he performs.

Reid also said there could be other changes in player personnel.

“I haven’t quite gotten that far yet. The players have off, so I’m going to take some time and look at that,” he said.

Do these seem like the actions of a coach who knows he is probably getting fired or one who knows he needs to re-evaluate what he has going into next season?

No. No they do not (to the first part of that question). I can feel the pit of my stomach turning over already.

After all of the giant signs calling for the head coach to quit, all of the #FireAndy tweets, the under-utilization of talent on the roster and the run game, the over-utilization of timeouts at just the wrong moment and the pass game, and the complete lack of Super Bowls–bringing Andy Reid back in 2014 to be the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles would be the ultimate slap in the face of every single fan of the team.

Sure, it’s the final year of his contract. And sure, he’d be owed the money remaining. But at this point I think paying Andy the $6 mil. to stay away while paying some other coach to turn this team around sounds like a way better solution than letting Big Red continue to run this team into the ground.

We deserve better.


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