The Marky Mark Complication

Signs of a team desperate for attention–that’s exactly what this is. The Philadelphia 76ers are the clear 4th (dare I say 5th) “favorite” professional sports franchise in the city of Philadelphia. It’s a far cry from the mid to late 70’s and even the early 00’s when the Sixers had the city essentially wrapped around it’s fingers. Boy do I wish I was alive for those early years.

With the NHL lockout officially over, this may have been the last gasp attempt by the team to get people to notice them. Sad.

So what happened?

Well, on Monday night, while they were busy losing by 20 to the Brooklyn Nets, the 76ers brass presented Mark Wahlberg, who was sitting court-side for the affair, with a team dress jersey. Photo evidence from the team’s official Twitter feed:

Aside from Mark’s sick obsession with being a Philadelphian–as evidenced by his starring in locally-based movies as a sniper, and an Eagle’s player, and hijacking a local news broadcast–it makes no sense as to why he would be presented with a personalized Philadelphia 76ers jersey. Two reasons why:

First, as far as his latest movie is concerned, it’s not based in Philly. Marky Mark was doing some public appearances for the movie and just happened to attend a game that night. (I’m sure the team was told in advance that he would be there, but that’s besides the point.) He plays an ex-cop from New York City, one of the biggest rivals towns to Philadelphia. Makes no sense.

Then there’s this. Wahlberg, despite his “ties” to Philly, is one of the biggest Bostonians you will ever come across. The man makes no secret of the fact that he loves his Boston/New England teams. He even claims to be best friends with Tom Brady. He talked about it all in a recent Conan appearance (video at the end).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the guy and his movies, and definitely look forward to a Ted 2 (and Transformers 4!!!), but it was a complete waste for the 76ers to gift him a jersey that’s twice the size of him, and for a team that he probably wishes terrible things on.

Oh well. Let’s go Flyers!



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