Unsuck DC Metro FTW

To live and work (thus commute) in Washington, DC, is to know how convenient, yet unreliable the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is. And thanks to wonderful technological advancements that we’ve seen over the last decade, namely social media and things like Facebook and Twitter, people now have an outlet to voice those opinions to the masses–or at least their 150 friends that follow them.

Complaining about Metro is something of a pastime for local Washingtonians. While the system does tend to work wonders compared to others throughout the country (I’m looking at you, Pittsburgh, and the nonexistent “T” train that you claim runs under your city’s streets…), things like single-tracking, sick passengers, broken escalators and elevators, weekend track work, ghost trains, and unexcused lateness really are a pain in the ass of everyone that just wants to get to work or get home.

But for those Twitterers who only have a few followers, or aren’t very Twitter-savvy, it can be hard to get that message to where it needs to go.

That’s where Unsuck DC Metro comes in.

Blogging since 2009, the self-claimed “metroloverhater” is a workhorse when it comes to aggregating those complaints by the everyday-commuter, like myself. Aside from the “official” WMATA Twitter account, @unsuckdcmetro provides great information about the mal-happenings that are occurring throughout the system. More importantly, it provides endless entertainment.

So, why then, someone would be so compelled that they felt the needed to complain about them is beyond me.

A Tweeter simply known as “Phil” was upset that they brought attention to (“complained about”) a WMATA employee dropping an f-bomb. It’s not clear in what context the f-bomb was used, but either way, it comes across as unprofessional if you ask me. Unsuck DC Metro handled it exceptionally, though. They’ve won this day.

Here’s the exchange:

unsuckdcmetro tweet


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