This is How I Feel

Sometimes I feel like this guy;

I am so sick of the crazy fanatics called Republicans and their willingness to inflict great damage on the country, really do anything, only to hurt a man they see as an illegitimate president, a man who represents everything they loathe: Intellectual, cosmopolitan, urban, open-minded, tolerant, black and doesn’t know his place. I am as sick of the president, who is squandering his mandate, doesn’t know how to use it. He continues the Bush assault on our civil liberties, extends the drone war, won’t tell the American people the truth and won’t bring the banksters to justice. He named one to be Treasury Secretary. And is Chuck Hagel the only Republican he can find to be Defense Secretary? Let the goddamn sequester happen.

Or this lady;

Some politicians just don’t get it, and a majority of Arkansas lawmakers really don’t get it. The decision to have an abortion is a complex and deeply personal one that must be made by a woman, her family, and her doctor — not politicians. A politician’s job is not to intrude, but to respect the decision she makes. It has been many decades since politicians intruded quite this brazenly, seeking an outright ban so early in pregnancy. Today’s vote is yet another sign that politicians are laser-focused on taking away women’s access to critical health care.



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